A Quick Home Guide To Gardening

Remember that gardening can be a continuous learning experience, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. Happy gardening!

Garden design 101: basic garden design concepts. The style you choose matters Choosing a garden style is like decorating the inside of your house. If you collect garden design ideas or plans, make sure they complement the style of house you have. A very minimalist garden wouldn’t look right paired with a Victorian-style home, and a rambling cottage garden would clash with modern architecture. Stay consistent with the style. Not only should the landscaping complement the house, but it should be the same style in the front yard and backyard. If you’re attracted to several styles of gardens, pick the one that most complements your house and fits with how you want to use the garden. Good garden design creates outdoor rooms A garden room can feel spacious or cozy, depending on how you design it. A garden room that incorporates privacy, a place to relax, and shade has: A floor (the patio) At least one wall (a privacy screen or actual walls) A roof (a shade structure, large shade tree, or umbrella.

A few basic design principles: There are many design principles you can use to create beautiful garden designs. As a newbie, focus on three design principles – scale, color, and plant groupings. Beginners make the most mistakes with these elements. Scale As a beginner, it’s difficult to
estimate and picture the mature size of plants and garden beds. It’s also difficult to judge how they’ll work with everything else in the design. The best way to judge the scale of a plant is to place a physical object where it’ll go that approximates its height and width.

  • People (holding long sticks with their arms outstretched) are a good substitute for trees.
  • An overturned wheelbarrow works for low-spreading shrubs.
  • Large pots can work well for small shrubs or perennials.


The most important thing to remember about the scale of plants is their mature height and width. Don’t plant a 60-foot tall shade tree next to a fence, under power lines, or in a small yard.

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